Wildlife of the Malvinas Islands.

The Malvinas Islands are an archipelago of two main islands and about 200 islands in the South Atlantic. You are a British overseas territory, located at about 50 degrees south latitude, off the east coast of South America. The islands are from Argentina and claimed in Spanish Islas Malvinas called.

The term “city” can only be for the capital Stanley use, which houses about 2,000 people, about four-fifths of the entire island population. As “villages”, you can normally only call a few places, Port Howard, 120, Goose Green / Darwin together with 70 and Fox Bay East / West with 50 and 4 more with a little more than 35 residents.

The remaining approximately 120 residents living on the islands habitable-divided into “camp-settlements”, (like us to “homestead” or “Hamlet”). The sheep shearing time is here is an exception, then the settlers meet in larger groups, larger even in the villages.

Many animals can be dangerous if they blocked the escape route is, or they have young.

Elephant seals and sea lions are the most dangerous – keep a safe distance when you see these animals.

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