Lake Pehoé is a surface water body located in Torres del Paine National Park (Chile).

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lago pehoe mapLake Pehoé is a surface water body located in Torres del Paine National Park, in the Magallanes Region of southern Chile.

The lake is fed mainly by Paine River, but it also receives the waters of the outlet of Skottsberg Lake.

Paine River waters feeding the Pehoé Lake have emerged from the Salto Grande waterfall. In this upper reach of the Pehoe Lake watershed there are numerous flora and fauna, including grazing wild Guanaco.

Lago Pehoe is located in the very heart of Torres del Paine National Park and was created in 1959 and declared Reservation of the Biosfera by the UNESCO in 1978.

 lago pehoe chile9It is at 90 miles from Puerto Natales in Ultima Esperanza (LAST HOPE) province a small town 150 miles to the north west of Punta Arenas the main entrance to Southern Patagonia.

There is quite much to do around here.

Near from the Camping there is a path tha drives to the Condor Hill Lookout (1 hour) where the picture above was taken, providing a great panoramic view of the whole landscape.

Paine Mountain Range .
It is an impressive mountain set of granite towers and the photogenic Horns and the imposing Great Paine.

The mountainous bulk is crowned of glaciers and is surrounded by lakes with colors of aquamarine, emerald, turquesa, sapphire and lapis lazuli. A microclimate sustains a rich flora and much wild fauna that lives freely around lagoons and between beautiful forests of bearded trees. It does not surprise that the place has been detailed World-wide Reserves of the Biosfera of UNESCO, in addition to National Park by the Chilean State.


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