Triora The City Of Witchess Made Famous Eponymous Process.

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triora2Triora is a medieval village that is located on the crest of the mountain throne in 776 m from where it dominates the upper valley of Argentina.

Made famous by the witch trials, has an interesting medieval urban fabric still well preserved with covered alleys, doorways, badges and sights.

He was part of Brand Arduinica in the eleventh century, while in the following centuries passed to the Counts of Ventimiglia, to become Genovese in 1261. In the sixteenth century promulgate its statutes then reformed in 1500.

triora Salem_APImportant agricultural center, the town was hit hard by the Germans in 1944 and, over time, has taken on a more touristy.

At the beginning of the settlement, the Ethnographic Museum has reconstructed the agricultural environment of the area, articulating the various rooms the "cycle of the chestnut", "wine", "milk", as well as a kitchen with utensils for, in addition a small botanical garden shows the natural environment of the area.

Finally, in the lower floor, in the old prisons, ideal environment in order to create an imaginary cave of the witches, there are the documents relating to the witch trial: 12 women and one man accused of witchcraft were subjected to cruel tortures. Then sent to the court of Genoa (and all faithfully recorded in the Acts), the unfortunates were burned at the stake.

For lovers of legends taste a bit 'mysterious, and recommended a "visit" to Cabotina or house of witches, where you execute the death penalty for the unfortunate victims of the famous trial of 1587-89.
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