As an animal species can extinguish enriched through illegal trade of meat and turtle eggs.


cost-rica-map Images are from Costa Rica, but could be anywhere else, is the cruel and interested human action that counts, which for the sake of money destroys the environment, animals, plants and everything in its path. 

Assist in preventing the destruction of the environment and its members is a duty of all. 

Leatherback turtles each year, Green and Carey arrive at the coast of Bar Parismina to build nests and spawn. 

tortugas Normally turtles spawn at night. In the same way, however, many hunters and "poachers" come here too, looking rich through illegal trade of meat and turtle eggs on the black market. 

This practice is illegal in Costa Rica, because it contributes to the decline of populations of sea turtles and rare. This law, however, is difficult to enforce without the help of the local community. 

Before creating ASTOP (Association Parismina Saving turtles), about 98% of green turtles were hunted for their meat, and about 98% of the eggs of all species were caught by poachers in coastal Parismina . 

Thanks to the project, these numbers have been drastically reduced to approximately 38% effective fighter.

In April 2001, a handful of local residents, along with the Coast Guard Costa Rica, initiated the Turtle to combat the environmental effects of their hunting.

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