Glacier vs. Yellowstone, Two Great National Parks - How Do They Match-up? [infographic].

glacier-national-parkGlacier National Park Highlights:
    The park size is 1,000,000 square acres.
    This US National Park is located in the northwest corner of Montana, and the northernmost part of the park extends into Canada.
    Prime time to visit is summer
    Going-to-the-Sun Road is a 50-mile-long access to some of the park's best views for motorists and cyclists.
    Lake McDonald Valley is the scenic valley carved by glaciers thousands of years ago that is now filled with spectacular sights, trails, and the grand Lake McDonald Lodge.
    Lake McDonald is the largest lake in the park.
    Many Glacier Valley has some of the park's best hiking and wildlife viewing.
    Logan Pass is the highest point reachable by vehicle. The elevation at Logan Pass is 6,640 ft.
    Photographers will want to get out early for the best light and opportunities to take wildlife pictures.

yellowstone-national-parkYellowstone National Park Highlights:

    The park covers nearly 2,222,000 acres and is located in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.
    Old Faithful - the famous geyser - erupts 17 times a day and are predictable within a 10 minute window.
    Lamar Valley is in the remote northwest section of the park and is one of the best places to view wildlife like bears, wolves, elk, bison and moose.
    Mammoth Hot Springs is a geothermal wonder just 5 miles from the north entrance to the park.
    The organism-rich 160-degree water at Mammoth Hot Springs forms the famous terraces, which are constantly changing and growing.
    The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is a picturesque region with trails and observation points along both rims to see the waterfall and other views along this 1,200-foot-deep canyon

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