Selva, red earth, waterfalls and rivers roads accompany Misiones.

misiones ruinas san ignacio

misiones iguazu
misiones salto-encantado
misiones salto-encantado1
Mapa de Misiones Versión 4 (10-10-2007)
misiones map Selva, red earth, waterfalls and rivers roads accompany missions , the lush riverside province rich in cultural and natural diversity.

A tour from one end to the province of the forest and rivers, going into asphalt roads and red dirt roads, sleeping in lodges beside a stream virginal, horseback riding and visiting jumps like Enchanted and Moconá .

A native and gringa experience in the land of tea and yerba mate.

misiones iguazuAt six in the morning we drive from Buenos Aires and six o'clock in the evening we were in the coastal city of Posadas, almost motionless watching the flow of the Parana. We spent the night in the capital and took off early missionary to the ruins of the San Ignacio Jesuit Reduction.

A half hour drive due north from Posadas began pouring the lush vegetation, and a small mountain jungle we stopped to test the theory of a missionary friend: "My province is the only self-smelling, smells green to wild entrails and wet red earth, a fragrance that you enter into the lungs with the force of a flood. "

Different forms of transport coexist in missionary routes, between jungle and forested areas.
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