How animals see the world [Infographic].


eyes hawkIn this infographic, the eyes have it! Most people are aware that cats and dogs don’t see quite the way humans do.

For instance, people see more colors whereas dogs and cats tend to see colors more dull though they are also more sensitive to things like movement in the darkness.

And what about other types of animals? Well, this interesting infographic, from Mezzmer, covers a range of animals from snakes and horses to sharks and birds.

eyes animalsBesides the variety of ways that the infographic illustrates how animals see things differently than people do, it also provides additional facts and data on a number of different eye-related topics.

The page also gives the reader an idea of why sight matters to the particular animal. For instance, some birds can manipulate their eye muscles to see farther – like binoculars, in order to find their prey.

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