Incredible Driftwood Sculptures by Jeffro Uitto.

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Jeffro UittoDriftwood has this charm that makes it pretty all by itself, but artist Jeffro Uitto tames this natural art medium to create amazing sculptures out of it. 

Washington-based artist, who has been working with wood ever since high school, collects the driftwood for his sculptures at the shores of Tokeland, the banks of Smith Creek, or the valleys between the Willapa Hills.

Even though you can’t really imagine what his final pieces will look like, Jeffro has a clear image of what he’s going for all along the process.

Jeffro Uitto1Some of his most impressive artworks include a wild horse, a gigantic guitar, a magnificent eagle, a detailed giraffe, and many more.

Uitto also has a knack for creating decorative home furniture and decoration which he also patiently builds from wood findings of the coast. Even most of the tools he works with are hand made by the sculptor himself! Impressive, isn’t it?

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