Alex Mapar happily floating between design, direction, animation, motion graphics, vfx, film and illustration.

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alex mapar bioAlex Mapar was raised in New Zealand and Australia. He studied industrial and graphic design in school and learned motion graphics at home. He worked with many studios around the country before moving to LA to work for four years as an art director at Capacity.

There, with a small team, he worked on animated short films, TV spots and identity rebrands for corporations and non-profits as well as personal projects.

He just moved to Brooklyn, where he is freelancing and working on his art and films. Besides design, motion graphics, and vfx, he's been making comic books, interactive installation art, and music since his teens and still loves stepping outside and away from the machines to play.

While I try to wear the director hat as often as I can, I also love to illustrate and design for pitches, production art and print.

alex mapar Rise_f17_Tornado_0202_0201_960For the right projects I still like to roll up my sleeves and get in on the full animation & vfx production too.

Practically speaking, graphic, cel, stop motion and animated physical crafts fascinate me more than most stuff these days so I try to make time for those projects as much as I can too.

As I'm focused more on the design & concept part of the industry these days, the majority of the video work here is from '07-'11 in LA as Art Director at Capacity, and before that as a freelance vfx/mograph artist in Australia.

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