Vietri and Cetara Picturesque fishing villages of the Amalfi Coast (Italy).

vietri e cetara
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 SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe road from Vietri continues winding down to the tip of Fuenti , dell'Albore crosses the valley and is dominated by short distance from the towns of Raito and Dawning , then continue until you reach the old basin surrounded by mountain Cetara Falerzio , in part green and lush citrus and partly sparse and wild. Last possession and the border of the ancient Duchy Coast diocese and the gang eastern coast was a stronghold of the Saracens in ' in 842 and ' 879 at the time of the siege of Salerno. Cetara has always been a fishing village , and in fact its name is derived from Cetaria . or trap or " cetari ," sellers of big fish, tuna precisely .
Since 1030 Cetara was indebted to the bishop of Amalfi, from which depended , of "ius piscariae , " the tithe of the fishery . In 1120 the town came under the political domination of Amalfi and was then subject , with the Norman Benedictine Abbey of St. Mary Erchie and finally passed under the Abbey of Cava .
vietri e cetara6The abbey had maritime links with the Benedictine monasteries and traffic of pilgrims and goods in Africa. Peter Pappacarbone , third abbot of Cava and nephew of St. Alferius , founder of the abbey cavense , was donated by Roger the port dil Vietri in 1086 by William of those sources in 1117 and Cetara in 1120 .
Later, in 1124 , I'abate Simeon bought the port at Punta Licosa Traverso said the money for 15 of tari Salerno, and the monastery acquired five other ports or bays on the beaches of Cilento ports gave an income of maritime rights to the monastery , in virtue of the anchorage dues , which was variable depending on the nature of belonging to gaetani , Sorrento , Calabria and Sicily , or Genoa, Pisa or Rome. In 1534 the Turks , armed with 22 galleys and led by renegade tremendous Sinan Pasha , made a slave most of the population " took with him 300 inhabitants in ischiavitù and all those who showed themselves resisting boarding were mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of the barbarians " while most of the survivors found refuge in Naples .
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