Kalmar Castle, the history of this legendary castle stretches back over 800 years.










Courtyardofkalmarcastle06110007Since Gustav Vasa, Gripsholm has belonged to the Swedish Royal Family and was used as one of their residences until the 18th-century.

It is now a museum.

A fortress was built at the location in the 1370s by Bo Jonsson Grip.

It was sold to queen Margaret in 1404, and remained the property of the crown until it was acquired by Sten Sture the Elder in 1472.

It was donated to a convent for males of the order of the Carthusians in 1498, and functioned as a convent for almost thirty years.

Kalmar-Outerwallofkalmarcastle06110014In 1526, the Carthusian Abbey was confiscated by King Gustav I during the Swedish Reformation.

The King tore it down, and built a fortified castle with circular corner towers and a wall, for defensive purposes.

Of the original medieval fortress, only the façade of a wall remains.

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