Läckö Castle National Monument Swedish.







lacko-castleThe Läckö Castle is a national monument and is managed by the National Council of the properties since 1993.

The Board of the National Property Foundation of Läckö Castle and the National Museum of Fine Arts cooperate to maintain and furnish the baroque castle. The castle Läckö Kållandsö island is 25 kilometers north of Lidköping in Västergötland.

When we say "castle", the fantasy leads to evoke a wonderful and fantastic universe populated by knights and ladies, of sieges and battles, loves and crimes, stories and legends, castles are engraved in the stones of centuries of history.

lacko-castle4In 1654, Count Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie started major expansion work. It was added to the fourth floor in the main building and decorated the walls and ceilings of the castle.

In this blog I want to share my passion for this type of architecture, discover together the differences from state to state, their beauty, their history and their mysteries. A THANK anticipated collaboration of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. for the realization of the contents!

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