For those who love history and the strong emotions the Uppsala Castle is a must.




upssala-castle-mapFor those who love history and strong emotions, the cathedral, the castle of Uppsala and Gustavianum Museum are obligatory destinations: Gustav Vasa to life throughout their tales of Vasaborgen, the concerts for organ in the cathedral transmit power and sacredness, the precious closet Habsburg (Augsburgska skapet) will enchant you.

Uppsala_-_Castle_from_southFor the little ones who always want to play there Fyrishov while people who love gardening can rub your eyes to the famous gardens of the city, Botaniska trädgården and Linnetradgarden.

A tranquil boat ride on the M / S Linnea af Upsala you will discover the city from the water, from 'Uppsala Konsert & Kongress you can enjoy a great view.

The construction of the Uppsala Castle began in 1540 on the orders of Gustav Vasa. Within its walls were held many historical facts of fundamental importance, such as the murder of Sture and the abdication of Queen Kristina.

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