The spectacular wooden sculptures by the Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui.

Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture
Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-1
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Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-2
Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-3

Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-4
Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-6
Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-7
Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-9
The spectacular wooden sculptures by the Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui.Click to Tweet
Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-10
Zheng Chunhui's stunning wood sculpture-5Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui recently unveiled this exceptionally large wooden sculpture that measures some 40 feet (12.286) meters long.

Four years in the making, the tree carving is based on a famous painting called “Along the River During the Qingming Festival,” which is a historical holiday reserved to celebrate past ancestors that falls on the 104th day after the winter solstice.

On November 14th the Guinness World Records arrived in Fuzhou, Fujian Province where the piece is currently on display to declare it the longest continuous wooden sculpture in the world. You can see many more photos over on China News.

Seeing this massive carving should give you some new inspiration on what humans are really capable of, and now we have the technology to do even better. You might even be feeling a burning desire to challenge this record.

There’s no denying that this beautiful carving is extremely impressive. However, a lot of Chinese art is carved into even stronger materials, and it’s very popular to carve statues into jade and other types of stone.
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