Street Art in New York: From Graffiti to Celebrity, The Bronx's Struggle With Identity.

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Street Art in New York: From Graffiti to Celebrity, The Bronx's Struggle With Identity.Click to Tweet

New York City is a mecca for graffiti and street art, making it a very attractive playground for artists from around the world.

The next stay in New York had to be different. Now I think that the very first stay there should have already been like that.

I finally felt that I began to understand people who were fascinated with that city and who keep on saying that ‘New York is the best city in the world’.

Although one can argue with such a view, one simply cannot deny that New York is indeed in the big league of the best cities.

Once again we get the confirmation that theme tours, whose assumption is to walk across, allow us to see much more than we originally thought.

Going through the map of the Big Apple based on the location of murals and street art, we got to know workers and their eating places, artists, hipsters, poor people, many Poles, destroyed and renovated parts of the city – I took photographs of everything with my LG G4. It was loud but it was also quiet sometimes. Once it even got a little dangerous.

We looked for Banksy’s which is no longer there because it was covered with paint. On a number of occasions we were joined by passers-by who, having heard that we were taking photographs of street art, were leading us to places which we wouldn’t have normally found on our own.

Today we are proud to present to you the map of New York which you surely don’t know. The New York whose parts are covered with paint by its inhabitants in order to express and change.

There is only one association with this borough – don’t show up here after dusk because it is dangerous here.

That is why we didn’t check what this place looks like in the dark but in the daylight it is a colourful district, not only thanks to the murals but also because of racial diversity. It takes just one glance to see that there are more inhabitants of Latino descent here that in any other part of the city.

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Maria Susana Diaz

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  1. The graffiti are so beautiful that they embellish the Bronx!

    1. You are absolutely right, thank you for commenting and participating.