Coronavirus COVID-19 images in the 10 most infected countries in the world.

The USA is the country with the highest number of people infected with coronavirus.
Italy surpassed China and is the country with the most infected and dead.

COVID-19 infections fall in China, vigilant in the face of imported cases

Spain is the second European country most threatened by the coronavirus pandemic.
Germany approves the largest economic package since World War II to fight the coronavirus.
Paris breathes with masks and the Métro loudspeakers tirelessly repeat the safety instructions.
Despite the initial strong impact, the expansion of the coronavirus in Iran has slowed.
The situation in Switzerland is described as "extraordinary" in the sense of the Epidemiology Law, which allows it to adopt national measures, that is, the same for all cantons.
The British government estimates that the coronavirus can cause about 100,000 infected in the United Kingdom
With one of the lowest death rates, South Korea launched an aggressive campaign to combat the virus.

The pandemic continues to grow, although in some countries (such as China for example) its progress has slowed down a lot and for several days the number of infected remains fairly stable. Around 81,000.

With more than half a million infected by coronavirus worldwide, the greatest danger these days is limited to the United States -with a very strong increase in the virality of the pandemic- and some countries in Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany) .

Indeed, according to statistics from the Johns Hopkinks University USA and Italy, they have already overtaken China in terms of the number of infections, while Spain and Germany are approaching at a sustained rate, although with a very low number of deaths, especially in the case of this last country.

South Korea, one of the first infected countries is the country that has best known how to apply a policy of containment and isolation of the virus.

In Italy and Spain, countries in which neoliberal policies to contain public spending have led to the closure of numerous hospitals and the general dismantling of public health, are where the greatest number of deaths have been recorded. In this sense, both countries have surpassed China, which had that sad primacy until a few days ago.
If this rate continues in a few days, Italy will triple the number of deaths in China.

The rest of the countries remain a little further away.

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