Atacama Desert, Even the Driest Place on Earth has Water

Tramonto sul deserto

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The north of Chile The region known as the ``North of Chile" occupies an area equivalent in size to two thirds of Italy.

It stretches from the highlands of the Andean Altiplano over the golden sands of the Atacama Desert as far as the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Diverse, surprising, majestic and untouched... this is the place for those in search of adventure with its breathtaking salt flats, geysers and Andean volcanos, vast expanses of land and here and there, occasional signs of life... llamas, vicunas, flamingos and alpacas, all unperturbed by the presence of man.

Here you can find museums which record ma~ns presence over the last 10,000 years, sea and long sandy beaches, relaxation and entertainment in casinos, restaurants and hotels, and above all the friendly hospitality of the Chilean people.

One can witness the Atacama Desert flowering in September–November in years in which there was some precipitation. In Spanish, this is called the Desierto florido. The desert is also home to cacti, succulents and other plants that thrive in a dry climate.

The Valle de la Luna in English, the Valley of the Moon, is another area of the Atacama Desert which is said to look like the surface of the moon. It lies 13 kilometres (8 mi) to the west of the town, San Pedro de Atacama
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