Photography Competition Darwin 200 in honor of Charles Darwin


Photography Competition Darwin 200 was won in the category of Exploration and Research of Nature by Simon Roberts and his picture of this frog


Horniman Museum's aim was to inspire the people to observe more detail the nature, following the work of Darwin. This led to Richard Hutchinson to photograph this "crocodile fish.


Michael Hin was recognized for his photography. His explanation was: "A garden spider male approaches a female with intent to mate.'s Approach was unsuccessful and she killed him."


Dr. Susan M. Cheyne this orangutan caught during the research that was conducted in the project on the behavior and conservation of apes.

darwin200_rana_verde La categoría de la gente joven fue ganada por Alastair Macfarlane, quien comentó que observó esta rana en el Amazonas peruano. “Exhibe algunas de las características de la evolución darwinista”


Sam Baylis: "Nature is full of surprises! Watched this dragonfly larva emerged from her and waited on it to dry out their wings."


Judith Lyons: "Through the action of light, the photographic process reveals the delicate beauty of the internal structure of the flower."


Bastiaan Brak found this larva feasting on aphids of this plant clematis in the garden of his home.


Katya Schouvaloff: "I spotted this swan sitting on her nest built with garbage. Suddenly he got up and showed the seven blue eggs she was brooding


The prize for the youngest was in the hands of Takeo Broadhurst, who captured this moment when a wasp is devoured by a spider.


Tim Protheroe: "A white crab spider feeds on this bumblebee. The single bee can see ultraviolet as the spider is well camouflaged


Magdalena Nieduzak won the category of students. "In this picture, the stems of these mosses seem to embrace, as if they were for warmth through the freshly fallen snow

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