Rally Dakar annual rally raid type of off-road race.



Rally Dakar Argentina Perú 2012: Camiones.




The Dakar Rally is a unique human exploit of which the history has been created in the heart of some of the world’s most stunning deserts and belongs to the world of the greatest sports challenges of our time.

Both a motor race and an orienteering challenge, the Dakar Rally pits some of the world’s greatest long- distance rally drivers against amateur competitors, for whom the race is often the culmination of their dreams and who come to take up the challenge with their motorcycles, quad bikes, cars and trucks. The challenge attracts competitors of more than 50 nationalities, who are watched on television by over a billion viewers in 190 countries.

Like the mountains or the oceans, the wide open spaces inspire “the adventurers”. Entering the Dakar is, in a certain way, like climbing Everest, sailing round the globe or rowing round the world. The places on the final podium represent an exceptional challenge, sometimes that of a lifetime. Apart from the rankings, all the competitors are motivated by this resolute desire, an almost crazy dream.

Whether they are motorcyclists, car and truck drivers, or quad bike riders, they all share this ambition, a feeling that brings them together. The tradition of solidarity, a principle which is one of the pillars of the “Dakar Spirit”, stems from this shared passion: despite the linguistic barriers, on this level the competitors all speak the same language.

Founded in Africa, where it built up its legend, the Dakar is by nature attracted to the unknown. The discovery of regions, countries and continents, a rationale of the event, has pushed the Dakar to take a new direction. The Sahara fascinated competitors for almost thirty years, but now the Dakar is attempting to conquer other continents, with an unfailing will to surprise. Having become a nomadic international event, the Dakar draws on a thirst for interaction and the open-mindedness of its competitors, who all crave to explore the deserts of the world.

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