"This morning is yours," Henry Nicolas photography project.

Nicolas Henri is a Swiss photographer (born in Zurich in 1977, currently lives in Basel) that brings to your photo projects a visual style unique and recognizable. He currently lives in Paris, Marseille and the rest of the world.

Passionate about music (he played the flute in a rock band) and animals ("In Canada I slept for days with a colony of elephant seals"), in 2009 oversaw the artistic direction of 5,000 interviews conducted by six directors of all the world of dreams, fears and hopes of ordinary people.

Since 2005 has been dedicated to Les Cabanes de grands us - parents, his most important project, which also appeared in Marie Claire magazine (December 2010), which claimed the arrest in China for three times.

It contains 300 images that show grandparents from around the world in two different perspectives: in the real world and in an imaginary world and in one sentence devoted to her grandchildren: "This morning is yours."

It is a return to childhood. Importantly, it is not photomontages, but real and genuine photo creations in which people have agreed to assemble a set that represents an imaginary world.


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I like nature, cooking and photography. In my travels between Argentina and Italy I prefer witness through photography environment, natural and gastronomic riches.

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