Hyper Realistic Pencil Drawings by Italian Artist Franco Clun.

Hyper Realistic Pencil Drawings by Italian Artist Franco Clun.

franco clun3

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franco clun autoretratoFranco Clun is a self-taught Italian artist with incredible talent for pencil drawing. His works of art include awesome portraits of celebrities or unknown people, landscapes and nature. I really recommend you to visit his deviantART portfolio for more of these amazing drawings.

The Italian-born master of the pencil says he has never taken art classes and that everything he knows he learned from experience and from reading some drawing manuals. I guess you can say he’s living proof that practice makes perfect, and that following your passions in life can truly lead to amazing things. Although he has had to take a long break from drawing to dedicate himself to other things, his love for graphite remained strong, and now he’s wielding his trusty pencils again to create marvelous works of art.

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