The Palazzo del Leone in Florence has always been an icon of the Piazza della Signoria.

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palazzo del leone7The Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali is the last large building erected in Piazza Della Signoria in Florence. Before the construction of the building in 1871 to a design by architect Landi, in its place were the famous Loggia dei Pisani, where since 1352 he established the Art of the Exchange, and the church of Santa Cecilia.
The statements are characterized by architectural elements typical of the architectural decoration of the period as the ashlar, the mullioned windows, the string courses and brackets under the eaves.
The building, which forms typical of the early Florentine Renaissance, echoes the forms of the buildings of the great Florentine families, but to dispense with the typical sockets arranged in a continuous seat to open instead of a continuous series of arches which are hosted big commercial funds, including the famous bar "RIVOIRE" and store "CHANEL".
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To increase the availability of useful surfaces, has four floors instead of the traditional three. Another significant deviation from the inspirations is the fact that it was made of stone instead of the traditional pietraforte.
Since its construction, the building did not have residential purposes, but its only purpose was to house the offices of the local insurance company, founded in Trieste in 1831.
Generally, the architecture of the offices was designed to harmonize with the surrounding buildings, especially when, for reasons of prestige, the buildings were to stand in an urban context of world renown. Florentine building the perfect symmetry of the prospectus and its mass makes it immediately apparent, despite the attempt to harmonize with the surrounding well-oldest buildings
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