Artist of the Week: Digital Art Master George Redreev

1. Mermaid will soon become a mother


Image source

A mermaid and her long awaited child. A beautiful image that embraces the love of a mother for her offspring. Who would’ve thought that at the bottom of the ocean, those two cute beings will start a life full of adventure.

If you look closely, you can notice that her baby will have at least 3 or 4 brothers and sisters, that will grow up having the entire ocean at their grasp. An ocean filled with soon to be pets that will help them, guide them through life.

2. Old wiz.


Image source

And old wizard battling – now let your imagination go crazy, just like George let his – a mysterious dark force from the abyss. His scares are a statement of experience and knowledge. He has battled thousands of mythical beasts on our plane, and other planes of existence. I see him as a king, trying to defend his people from peril. He is a guardian of humanity.

This blue eyed wizard draws his powers from his essence, just look at how his hair is fading, turning into white. Controlling all the elements, and using kinetic powers he deals with his foes swiftly.

3. Battle in the Temple of the Sun, Amaterasu Guardia.


Image source

An epic battle between a warrior woman and tens of thousands of guardians. Or at least, that what it tells me. Temple of the Sun is sought after its powers, the ones that control it, control the world. Is this warrior able to rid the plague that has been bestowed on the lands? Or does she wish to reek havoc into the world, as her former masters did.

Yes, it is an incredible plot twist, she once was a pupil of the dark forces. What is her goal though? What is her end game? Only time will tell. And George. George will tell us, if he decides to continue his artwork. Think a little bit, it could be a great comic book.

4. Sailor Venus.


Image source

His inspiration is the anime show that aired from 1992 to 1997, called “ Sailor Moon”. Cheerful Sailor Venus fights evil with Moon Princess, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter at her sides. Occasionally they stumble upon Tuxedo Mask, The Moon Princess’s true love.

It is a great fan art that incredibly depicts the magic behind their stories and their struggle to rid the world of evil, purify everything and create an Utopia, where everyone is equal. Great touch on the kitty cat also, love her tail around Sailor Venus’ ankle. I’m not even going to start to talk about how gorgeous Sailor Venus is.

5. Mischief.


Image source

As the title says – “ Mischief” – George brilliantly captures the joy of having no worries, of not caring, just frolicking in the forest, and playing with frog things. Yes, frog things. We could give them a name, but it has to be surreal.

Post a comment and let us think what name would you give to these cute little creatures. Playful little things, aren’t they? I for one, wouldn’t let them eat my hair. But hey, in that beautiful scenery I probably wouldn’t care.

6. Keeper of the Emperor.


Image source

Demons trying to destroy an empire. Luckily a Shogun is there to defeat them, saving his little emperor from annihilation. Imagine a hoard of demons marching towards your city, with only one goal in mind – kill every single being – i would panic also, so don’t judge the little child for crying and not taking up his sword to defend his honor.

It is a riveting scene, and George manages to emphasize the epicness of it all. Just look how scared and bloody that Shogun is, how demon limbs lay around them. How powerful do you think those demons are? They managed to destroy the gates, and as you can see their nails hit wood like knife cuts butter. The Shogun fought alone with the demons all night long, until the army organized itself, and helped him destroy them.

7. Guardian Trees.


Image source

We destroy forests, natural habitats for our own selfish gain. George imagined a day of reckoning, where the guardians of the trees are all fed up with out egotistic ways and decided to fight back. It may appear as if that stag has some sort of kinetic powers, but look closely. Who is the one that plays with gravity, tosses objects like you would toss a ball around?

Cleansing his forest, his home of garbage, metal, mechanical equipment. That excavator seems to be blown away, out of the picture. Still haven’t found that little critter? He is sitting on a wheel, with his arms raised up, like a conductor that directs a beautiful symphony of chaos.

8. Rainbow Path.


Image source

In the future, lets hope not the near future, where a dystopian world has emerged from our ways of self destruction, a boy and his mother are on a journey, they are going through life, getting lost in a strange world. With the help of technology, they are able to create visual pathways that lead them to safety.

Those pathways are imagined as rainbows, pretty cool huh? But, the mystery still lays before us. What is their journey? Tells in the comments what you have thought of.

9. Jackpot.


Image source

Ah, to be in love and taste the sweetness of victory. They just robbed an intergalactic bank and are on the run, right? They are the reincarnation of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. Whelp, we know how that ends, don’t we? But look at that marvelous car though. George, you have outdone yourself. I hope he designs the first flying vehicle.

Hey, I hope I will be alive when the first flying vehicle appears. It looks like George has thought of everything, keeping it eco friendly, kudos to you. That machine is in fact powered by their destructive love, hence the purple fumes.

10. Champion.


Image source

What a cute little bear, in his tiny racing uniform, we’ve got here. He has the attitude all right, the attitude of a great champion, you can see he is graceful in defeat as he is in winning.

11. Bear Race.


Image source

Oh, you thought he was the pilot? Ha. He is in fact a race car. Do you think there will be a world for us, where we would live in harmony and love, side by side with the animals of planet Earth? Or why not? Why wouldn’t we be able to? Tells us in the comments what you think.

12. Mom, look what a pussycat.


Image source

It appears that George had a childhood where he would take all the animals of the street at bring them home.

13. Pebble.


Image source

A story of a little pebble, deep inside the forest, that has this gaze, as a child has when he sees a flower up close. The beauty of innocence right here.

14. A small tornado.


Image source

You see a pattern here, right? George really likes super powers. Who doesn’t? If you would be given the possibility to choose a super power, what would it be? Tells us in the comments.

15. Shambala.


Image source

The entrance to the great and mysterious city of Shambala, guarded by two, uhm, fierce dragons? They look super cute and peaceful to me. It may be that, as it seems, they have just awaken from their 12 o’clock sleep. What miracles awaits thy traveller in Shambala?

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