Inspirational Photography Project by Mateusz Chmura.

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Mateusz Chmura perfilSelfie is very popular nowadays. People usually take pictures of their faces including the places they’ve been to as their background.
Mateusz Chmura from Poland also known as MATCLOUD, a freelance graphic and product designer, artdirector and also a photographer shares his inspirational photography project “Been There Done That” to take pictures and enjoy the places we usually go.

He inspires to capture our simple moments with our pets or with our hobbies.
With his graphic design and photography skills, he made his photographs more inspiring and interesting.
Mateusz Chmura6He will take us to different and interesting places that some of us may not have been to.
His photos will inspire you to do the things you love and go to the places that you really want to go or planning to go.

Get inspired to push your plans and dreams to make it happen and let your feet lead you the way.

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Maria Susana Diaz

I like nature, cooking and photography. In my travels between Argentina and Italy I prefer witness through photography environment, natural and gastronomic riches.

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