Amazing Drawings by Tony Sandoval.

"The Black Dress Girl"

"CM Open"


"Black Cat"


"More Cannibal Zombies"

"Pervert Fish"


"Season Of Thorns"

"Devil in My Head"

"Epidemy of Melancholy"

"That Doomboy"

"Doom Storm"

"Sirens Song"

"Until The End of The Times"

"Doomboy Book Cover"

"Ridding Away From You"
Well I come to show the amazing art of Tony Sandoval, this artist is an uncle of mine who started drawing comics at home and sharing them with family and friends, later found its way into the world of Mexican comic illustrating the comic of the Blue Demon and Tinieblas.

After trying his luck in Barcelona where he began to publish books of their own under the editorial "La Cúpula" where he published his first book called "Nocturno".

I'll show a bit of surrealist art and Lovecraftian inspirations
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