The dark and twisted world of sculptor Chris Cookse.

Esculturas Chris Cooksey
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Cooksey_Chris Would you dare to enter the dark and twisted world of Chris Cooksey with his unusual sculptures?

Here are some pictures that show his work eccentric and erratic.

It's really not something we see every day.

Each time a person presents sculptures or two, or a skeleton or some type of vehicle is simultaneously occupied by a large number of human small.

It's like he is saying that the big foot with pride and carry all mankind on their shoulders.

But what is the meaning behind the sculptures with bare bones and skeletons?

Could it be that Chris Cooksey was trying to say that the idea of ​​death is inevitably present in our minds and follow us wherever we go?

That's where the war machine would fit very well.

His sculptures are full of details and remind me of Bosch triptychs showing the seven deadly sins.

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