The Nile, the sacred river, one of the two longest rivers on Earth.

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River is 6,650 km long north African. It is one of the two longest rivers on Earth since the dispute on the actual position of the sources and hence the length of the Amazon is in progress for some time.

From the source to the delta across six African countries: Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and Egypt.

It is commonly considered the birth Nile from Lake Victoria in Uganda, although the lake itself is fed by a tributary of the Kagera 690 km long in turn fed by the river Luvironza born in the southern part of the plateau of Burundi 45 km east of Lake Tanganyika.

Hence the first Luvironza feeds the river then the river Ruvuvu Ruvusu and finally, after 350 km, flows into the Kagera.

Coming out of Lake Victoria, the river takes the name of the Victoria Nile flows for about 500 km during which crosses Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert reached, it comes out as the Albert Nile and enters the territory of Sudan in which takes the name Bahr al Jabal.

At the confluence of the Bahr al Jabal with the Bahr el Ghazal, 720 km long, the river takes the name of Bahr al Abyad, or White Nile.

From here flows to the city of Khartoum.

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  1. The civilization of Ancient Egypt grew up around the Nile River. A lot of the area to the East and west on the modern map was desert then, just as it is today, and in ancient times as in modern ones, the vase majority of the population lived along the banks of the Nile or its triangular northern Delta. In concept, its better to look at the land of Egypt in a way much different then the modern map. Think of it as looking like the sacred and beautiful lotus flower, with the Nile River forming its stem and the broad Delta as its bloom!