Wildlife and animals found in Africa.

Massai Mara (Kenya)
Massai Mara (Kenya)
Namib-Naukluft National Park (Namibia)
  Chobe National Park (Bostwana)
Bénoué National Park (Burundi)
Serengeti National Park (Tanzania)

Zaramba National Park (Congo)
Massai Mara (Kenya)

Lake Nakuru National Park (Kenya)
Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

Chimanimani (Zimbabwe)

Golden Gate Highlands National Park (south Africa)

Chobe National Park (Botswana)

Bontebok National Park (South Africa)

Liwonde National Park (Malawi)

Victoria Falls / Zambezi (Zimbabwe)

Katonga Wildlife Preserve Uganda)

Chobe National Park (Bostwana)

Mosi-oa-Tunya Victoria Falls (Zambia)

tiger-stretch-india_22673_600x450The many types of animals that roam the lands of Africa are what make this continent a landmark for the abundant amount of wildlife it preserves. Wildlife ranges from the small and the innocent to the large and ferocious. 

People from all over the world vacation in Africa just to get a glimpse of the wild animals that are not found anywhere else on the planet.

These animals can include the giraffe, the long-necked mammal that eats from trees and tall plants as well as lions, leopards and cheetahs, always on the hunt for their next prey. 

The cheetah, which is known for having spots, is the world’s fastest land animal, reaching speeds of up to 113 miles per hour. 

africa-mapNow that’s fast! One of Africa’s largest forms of wildlife is the rhinoceros, a very large mammal with a distinctive horn on the middle of its nose which it uses to fight off threats by other large mammals.

Of all the dangerous wildlife life found on the African continent, the buffalo, which can be spotted near any source of water, travel in herds and have an outstanding sense of smell. Rhino’s are very intelligent animals, which make up for their bad hearing and eyesight.

An animal most people find entertaining is the chimp, or chimpanzee. Just as intelligent as a human, chimps often defend themselves by throwing rocks or large sticks at threatening predators on the hunt for prey. Known for being really noisy, chimpanzees have character, but can also be very dangerous if threatened.

Africa’s not only famous for the animals that roam the land, but also for the ones that occupy the sky. Day or night, you will find something up above soaring in the clouds. 

Bats can be seen circling the night sky as these night-flying creatures search for insects to feed on as well as fruits and seeds. 

If you’re scared of bats, you may want to explore the land during daylight hours, as species upon species fill the skies, awakening from their long day of rest. 

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