Emporium freaks, thrilling design, where the dark is elected as a symbol of furniture.

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  emporium freaks1 The design also has its autarky. Freaks, clowns, jugglers, singers crickets, creatures gothic, tattooed vamp: it's all part of a circus (art) set up by Doktor A., ​​Skeleton Heart and Seymour, who invade the summer style with their crazy, crazy Emporium .

Shows a haggard - visible until 8 July at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, then tour the world - where the dark is elected as a symbol of furniture.

The designers, from Old-fashioned and influenced by the illustrations of Tim Burton, planted the tree of the weird and make it an article of domestic consumption.

The motto is this: Every home should flaunt its object creepy skin (frighteningly cute).
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