Mortality of dolphins in the seas of Peru disoriented by the sonar ship.


delfino The boats using these tools in deep waters for the search of oil. The bursts of sound waves produced confusing mammals because they damage the bones of their auditory system.

And 'alarm in Peru for a mortality of dolphins, according to environmental groups, is due to the use of sonar systems in deep water in the shipping industry.

In recent weeks, 615 dolphins were stranded along a coastline of 135 kilometers and early summer in all, some 3,000 units were found dead early summer.

Researchers at the Organization for the Conservation of aquatic animals (Orca) explained that ships use sonar in deep waters disorient dolphins because they damage the hearing bones of mammals. The sonar signals, which create real bursts of sound waves, are used for the search of oil.

Orca is estimated that this year is that recorded the highest number of stranded dolphins around the world in the last decade.

With the name of dolphins are commonly indicates a paraphyletic group of marine mammals belonging to the order of Odontoceti and includes the families Delphinidae (oceanic dolphins) and Platanistidae (river dolphins), whose members are generally small.

With its 370 million hectares of the Brazilian Amazon is the largest expanse of primary forest in the world, a third of the total forests around the planet.
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