The amazing caves Acsibi in the heart of the Valleys Calchaquíes.

acsibi_cuevas2 The Valleys Calchaquies full of mysteries, history, culture, surprise us, dazzle us, transport us to our indigenous past, geography, landscapes, people amaze us every trip. These valleys occupy three provinces: Salta, Tucuman and Catamarca, all located in the northern region.
The sector comprises Salta River valley Calchaquí to its confluence with the Rio Santa Maria, both flow into the Río de las Conchas, located in the Quebrada de Cafayate same name near. 

The amazing shapes that has its ground and walls are the result of centuries of geological movements modified by erosion. 

Today I present in this area Acsibi Cuevas circuit: Also called Valle de las Cuevas, Acsibi is the place where stood the tribe Malcachiscos, about 15 kilometers from the hosting of the House, may be entered in 4x4 vehicles and then proceed with a 4 hour walk in a place drawn by unique geomorphology, with a variety of colors and shapes. 

acsibi_cuevas mapa To reach the caves, go to bed, usually dry river Montenieva located about 3 kms from Seclantás, hit it head on and move forward with 4x4 vehicles for one hour to reach a large stone walls. Here you get off and walk a bit to overcome this barrier and into a valley that combines red sandstone walls of rock and a rich tone, a view very similar to what one imagines the planet Mars. 

Then the canyon narrows, the grass and the thistles are gone, and you need to go through narrow tunnels, crouching, to run into amazing caves with the most rare and unique. 

Here, as the light filters through gaps minimum and where people wonder if it really was who formed the sea that geography is the work of beings from another planet, listen to stories of the Indians who killed Malcachiscos in colonial times Juan Ortiz de Urbina, master of the land. On your next trip to northern Argentina, be sure to visit this area is really indescribable.

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