Synchronized swimming London 2012: the sirens of the Olympics Games.

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natacion sincronizada The Synchronized swimming is a discipline that combines swimming, gymnastics and dance. During the exercises, swimming, in pairs or teams of up to eight people, running on the water made a routine of movements to the rhythm of music.

In synchronized swimming requires not only skill but also flexibility, agility, strength, endurance, rhythm, acrobatic ability, sensitivity and an important breath control. Couples or teams perform their routines to the beat of music and speakers using submerged in water.

The judges of this discipline that Google pays his unique tribute for the London Olympics should consider several factors: the choreography and the difficulty of the same, the timing of the swimming and running. The pool in which exercises are performed must have minimum dimensions of 30m x 20m and a depth of 3 meters. As the water temperature must be maintained at 26 ° C, to within one degree.
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The beginning of artistic performances in the water back to the late nineteenth century, however not until the twentieth century that we can speak of the birth of synchronized swimming starring doodle today.

While in its early days was an exclusive sport for men, it quickly grew into a female form. In 1907, Australian Annette Kellerman popularized the sport exhibitions in New York performing in a glass tank as a dancer under water.
In 1924, Canada hosted the first competition of this discipline in the Amateur Athletic Association of the Montreal pool. It was not until 1933 that first appears the name of synchronized swimming in a show presented in Chicago by Katherine Curtis, Modern Mermaids, although the first reports on this new sport of the same period, refer to the swimming rhythm.

Already in the forties was drafted the first regulations in 1941 and was recognized synchronized swimming as a sport in America. It was only twelve years, until 1952, to be officially recognized by the International Swimming Federation (FINA). In 1955, synchronized swimming was officially accepted as a competitive sport in the Pan American Games held in Mexico.

At this time the synchronized swimming world fame due to the influence of Hollywood and the movies starring the actress and swimmer Esther Williams as School of sirens or Daughters of Neptune
The first international competition was held in Amsterdam in 1958, but did not begin until 1973 to celebrate World Championships. Synchronized swimming was a demonstration sport at the Olympic Games in London 1948 and Helsinki 1952, but failed Olympic passport until three decades later, in the Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984, in which only the modalities were considered Olympic solo and duet.
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